Going Green

Solar Power (Photovoltaic) the Ultimate renewable energy source


Green Solutions are on the rise. Big Changes Are Coming To Our Industry. Solar Power is becoming more of a reality every year as it is being realized for its feasibility. There are PV tax incentive programs, local PUD and government funding appropriations available. A Photovoltaic (PV) system can literally pay for itself in 5 years.


How it works. A PV system on a home or business does not provide the sole source of energy. It is a supplemental or augmenting source providing up to as much as 30 percent of the energy needed for daily operations even on cloudy days.


The little known or represented fact of a PV system is when you are not using power it can literally spin the electrical meter backwards. The Sun then becomes a power source for the PUD Power grid. On a large corporate building this occurs for example on a weekend when a building is mostly unused as workers are off.  On a residential home when the occupants are gone at work. On a school over the weekend.


We can help you be ready. "Carbon footprint," "greenhouse emissions" and "global warming" are not just news stories. They are concerns that are driving change in electrical technology, revolutionizing our industry.


As this new technology gathers momentum, Ultimate Power is too. We are working hard to be ahead of the curve with every new development.


Ultimate Power is particularly proud to help clients meet qualifications for assistance, tax incentives, and funding from the State Energy and Research Development Authority or the PUD's Clean Energy Program.

Talk to us to find out how we can help your business qualify through energy-efficient technology.

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